Why Rose Clay is Good For You

For this week’s blog post, we at Bonkers decided to go back over the ingredients we were originally gonna use in our soap lines until we had to really cut down to ONE style. The ingredient of this week is gonna be rose clay.

Image result for rose clay
The soap looks like this, with variations.

Rose clay’s a type of kaolin clay. Now, before we throw any more confusing terminology at you guys, let’s explain. Kaolin clay is a very fine-powdered type of clay that’s so versatile that it can be used in bath bombs. Rose clay’s one of those, but with the added bonus of being pink-colored because of the iron oxide in the clay.

Image result for iron oxide
Iron oxide looks like THIS… unless you’re dealing with rust.

Rose clay’s best benefit is how well it works on all kinds of skins because it doesn’t take out the skin’s natural oils, so you don’t end up having to moisturize yourself to oblivion when you use it. Rose clay also works pretty well on dry skin, and it’s a great exfoliant, so if your skin isn’t meant to take on coffee, then very definitely consider rose clay!

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