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Why Activated Charcoal is Good For You

As you guys, our followers, know, we at Bonkers make our soap out of three base ingredients (lye, water, and olive oil) and one additive (activated charcoal). Our previous articles talked about the key ingredient in our castile soaps (olive oil), but we didn’t really say much about activated charcoal. Time to fix that.

This was our container. Yeah, it’s really nondescript.

The first time Soe ran into activated charcoal, he was learning medical skills in the military. Activated charcoal, by itself, can already help you clear out toxins in your body if you need to get poison control. It can probably be a bit uncomfortable taking in activated charcoal to clean your systems out, but it’s definitely preferable to dying from ingesting a toxin!

Image result for poison
No guarantees if the charcoal works on THIS, though.

But what about soap, though? Where does activated charcoal play a role when it’s used in soap? The simple answer would be skin care. Activated charcoal’s a solid match for oily skin, just not dry skin. So if dry skin’s a problem for you, then activated charcoal’s not gonna be priority.

Image result for eczema
Things you DON’T wanna use activated charcoal on: THIS!

With that said, we hope you guys got some neat info outta this article. And if you liked it go ahead and follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you can keep tabs on what we’re up to before we kick off the Fall soft-launch on Etsy!

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